Mapguide 2009 / OS 2.0 Get Selected Key Values VB.NET Example and the dreaded MgSelection.GenerateFilter Issue

Tonight I came across the .  I had read about it, and made a mental note that one day it would be an issue.  That note wasn’t very good, and I completely forgot about it.   I was wrapping up the updates around the report this eve and fortunately I bothered to select the entire map and run through a report.

Mapguide Users mailing list turned up what needed to be done.  Fortunately Autodesk added a GenerateFilters call to MgSelection.  This call returns an MgStringCollection of filters.

Basically the solution to this problem is to use GenerateFilters instead of GenerateFilter, and loop through the results.  Each time, appending the returned keys to the complete list.  For example:

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