RADE Milestone – Object Relational Mapping with NHibernate

It’s 1:30AM, I guess it’s Saturday now. =)  I’ve been furiously pounding away for the past two weeks building a new for RADE 4.0.  Gotta love 12 – 18 hour days for two weeks (Good thing I love software development).  My wife is away for the week, so I can continue working these stupid hours for another week.  Anyhow I’ve chosen to proceed with for the time being.  with the looks really cool and I’ve used it for some small research/test projects recently, but with the lack of support for database other than SQL server – it’s not an option at this time.

NHibernate was a tough curve for me.  Initially, I started testing code generators.  After spending a significant amount of time reading, testing, and pulling out hair I came to the conclusion that .  From my experiences is probably the best code generator out there right now – but its still lacking in some areas.  More importantly however, I learned that code generation is not a good place to start when implementing NHibernate for the first time.  There is so much going on under the hood – in my opinion you need to start off doing a reasonable size project by hand.  Code generation has significant benefits, because the generated code is so similar with simple replacements it just makes a lot of sense once you wrap your head around what’s going on with NHibernate.

As per my when implementing nHibernate by hand, .  Just the other day I found a *great* ReSharper .  When editing NHibernate HBM XML files, it does a bunch of validation right in the editor.  Saves you a lot of time finding problems without having to actually run a unit test and debug sometimes cryptic error messages.

I bought a copy of NHibernate In Action.  I would recommend this book to you only if you have no experience, or understanding of Object Relational Mappers.  As the book stands right now, it’s not really a good developer reference and only covers really basic examples.  The documents that helped me the most to get everything up and running was .  The NHibernate documentation is pretty cryptic.  Don’t read this stuff 12 hours into your day.  No amount of RedBull will give you the focus needed to make sense of it.  In the first 8 hours of the day, its quite helpful.

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