Geospecialling v2.0 and an introduction to FullCircle

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  1. Smitha:

    This is a comment for your “Creating .NET Objects for Mapguide XML schema Definitions (XSD) using LINQ” and “Dynamic Authoring in Mapguide Enterprise – Before the Viewer has Loaded” blog in your previous site since I did not find a comment link there…
    I found these articles extremely useful. Thanks for writing it up. However I am still using VS2005. Do you have any tips on how I can create .NET objects with VS2005 since LINQ requires VS 2008? Thanks.

  2. Darrin Maidlow:

    Hi, I’m glad you found my post helpful. Unfortunately I don’t have VS 2005 installed anymore so I couldn’t play around with this. You are correct LINQ requires .NET 3.5, and as you mentioned 2005 will not let you target this version of the framework. Unfortunately – this was the first, and only way I have found that would generate objects/XML in this way (for me). Granted, once I got this working I did stop looking =)

    That said – it should be possible to take the object skeleton created by LINQ and clean that up to remove the LINQ’isms – then one could write their own XML factory. Eliminating LINQ would actually be quite nice – but I didn’t have time to go that far.

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