Windows Vista won’t let me browse my iPhone when I plug it in

I was trying to get some images off my iPhone this morning, but the thing wouldn’t show up in Windows explorer.   ITunes was doing the backup and sync no problem – but the phone would not mount as a usb device.  Usually the phone shows up in explorer under the Computer section as “Apple iPhone”.  Unplugging and reconnecting the thing would just cause a re-sync.

After much mucking around the best solution I could find was to disconnect the iPhone from the usb cable, start the windows Device Manager and un-install the Apple iPhone driver from the Portable Devices section of the devices.  Make sure you check the delete driver checkbox.  Finally, re-connect your iPhone and the driver should re-install allowing you to see your device in Windows Explorer again.

No images on device

So now I can see my phone in Vista – but when I browse to the device the internal storage folders are empty.  There are tons of images in the “Camera Roll” when looking at the phone.  After much more muckery – I found one image that was saved from the interwebs rather than taken with the phones’ camera.  Once I deleted this image, and reconnected the phone all the images showed up no problem.

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