July 9, 2010

A breakthrough in the war on phone spam

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One of the things that absolutely drives me insane is phone spam.  Nothing like being deep in concentration inside some algorithm and have the damn phone ring with a phone spammer on the line.  A lot of days, I’ll just turn off all the phones in an effort to get shit done… I’m on both the US and Canadian “Do Not Call” lists.  I report every single unsolicited call, yet they keep on coming…

Came across this blog post today detailing an .  They’re turning the tides on phone spammers.   There are some hilarious mp3’s on the site where you can hear the “conversation” between the honey pot and one of the “moron” phone spammers.  They’re keeping some of these calls on the line for 4+ minutes.  Totally awesome.

I hope someone can take initiative and setup something similar in North America.  If I had the resources I would take this on in a heartbeat…

Hats off to you guys.. =)

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