Usage based billing vs. Text Messaging

Text messaging pricing has always annoyed me.  Given the recent craziness around the I wondered how the proposed rates of UBB stacked up against what we’re charged for text messages.  Here is some figuring based on some maths I pilfered and simplified from skootles on .

1 text message is capped at 140 characters (140 Byte) – Cost per text ~0.25$

Cost per byte (in dollars) of text message: (0.25/140) == 0.0017857142857142857142857142857143

Now some math around internet usage and UBB -assuming one of the proposed usage based billing rates of 1$/GB

1GB = 1,073,741,824bytes

Cost per byte (in dollars) at 1$/GB  = 0.000000000931322574615478515625

UBB cost for the equivalent of one text message= 140 x (1/1,073,741,824) = 0.0000001303851604461669921875

So I guess we should be thankful that the proposed UBB rates were lower than text message rates, 13695 times lower – (thanks for the maths there ])

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