ReSharper 6 is going to be rad!

Finally had a little time to catch up on the internets today and came across this bundling a decompiler!   My curiosity had been piqued by a posted by JetBrains shortlt after the  about reflector and the subsequent firestorm in the .NET community that ensued that announcement.

The timing is perfect.  We’ve got a growing need to better understand how some of our code is interacting with some vendor provided 3rd party libraries and this is making a huge difference.   In true ReSharper form – this new functionality looks solid, and easy to use.  The ReSharper navigation tools we’ve all grown love (well maybe not just love, but also  to depend on) are available.   I’m not going to miss trying to navigate code only to be greeted with an Object Browser window. ..

Looks like a standalone decompiler/browser is also coming too…

And by saying “free”, we actually mean “free”.

Love it!  Keep up the great works JetBrains – looking forward to the release!

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