November 2, 2011

Remotesoft Protector Runtime Error – yet to handle multiple .NET framework runtime

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Remotesoft protector is one of the out there.  In fact, its pretty much the only one that really works.  Since I moved to .NET 4.0 I’ve been getting an annoying error when attempting to protect my binaries using the 4.0 suite of tools (with the ).  Everything still runs – it just pops up nasty alert boxes on load which is no good :)

Remotesoft Protector Runtime Error – yet to handle multiple .NET framework runtime

One other symptom of this was that .exe files would just blow chunks.  I’ve finally figured out what was causing this!  Most of our products are protected during the nightly builds.  This error however is specific to assemblies protected using the the Remotesoft .NET Explorer UI.  When using this application for the protect or obfuscate functionality it is really just a front end around the protector.exe/obfuscator.exe.  The UI is building the following command line string and tonight it finally dawned on me:Remotesoft .NET Explorer

Command: C:\Program Files (x86)\Remotesoft\Protector\bin\protector.exe -neutral -resource -string -cctor -clrversion v2.0.50727 "C:\temp\SmartInk for Kahua\SmartInk.UI.exe"

The UI was forcing the clr version to .NET 2.0 – when my assemblies are all built against .NET 4.0.  Oops…

After a bit of digging I found that you can set the CLR version in .NET Explorer from the Action / CLR Version menu item.  Unfortunately it has not been updated to support .NET 4.0 – and so has been rendered pretty much useless as a front end for protector.

The Fix

The only solution is to use the command line to execute your protection.   The updated command line ended up looking pretty similar:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Remotesoft\Protector\bin\protector.exe" -neutral -resource -string  -clrversion v4.0.30319 "C:\temp\SmartInk for Kahua\SmartInk.UI.exe"

There you have it – I can’t believe I missed that…


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  1. Hello!

    Your blog entry is not new, but it is still describing the latest Remotesoft Protector version. Thanks for this, it helped me of judging that the tool is working principally. At least your entry is one of very few Protector entries in the whole world I googled.

    Darrin, I have a small problem and hope you could help me with atip. The Remotesoft people are not answering really urgent to say it very carefully. It is not new, normal emails I don’t get answered. I send them now nearly 2000$ for the Protector, and I get no answer.
    How long do you waited, and how long you would advise others to wait before trying to get money back by Paypal etc.?
    Or do you know an alternative? Before some years there were similiar tools.

    Thanks a lot. I you don’t mind, I would appreciate an answer by email. I was not able to get your email adress easily :-9

    Best regards, Phil

    Comment by Philip E. — August 5, 2013 @ 5:25 am

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