December 8, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic Install Download Breakout

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And now for something completely random!  has gone live for pre-orders today.  Yesterday I was invited to start downloading the client. (Hey this is my “personal” blog – and sometimes I like to play computer games =))  This post is to smash the hopes of those rocking less than awesome internet!  If you’re not rocking fiber or some other insane internet don’t get TOO excited when you first start downloading SWTOR.  Since we moved out of the city we’ve been rocking the – which actually costs a lot more than the fancy high bandwidth you city slickers get!  I get 3MBit burst for 30 seconds then 2.5Mbit sustained and 0.5Mbit up.  As I started my download I settled in for the long haul..  Here is a summary of my download experience – in point a point form list:

  • The initial download brought down a roughly 1.8GB  video file.   Ohh this doesn’t look to bad! 
  • Ok that file is done, Doh, now its downloading an 11GB file.  Ok time for bed.
  • Oooh 6AM conference call.  Up super early.  Mad at guy that scheduled call at 8am EST.  Oh only 3GB left.  Sweet!
  • Oh now we have a 60MB file.  Nice.
  • Oh, shoot, 4GB file.  Great.  At least I’m getting 320KB/s.
  • Oh okay half a dozen small files totaling a couple hundred megs.  Sweet its installed. Only what, 18GB downloaded?

Oh excellent.  Now it’s installed but my account has not yet been activated for pre-release play…Oh well back to work.  Maybe my account will be activated this afternoon? hmmmmm.


**Note – in the time it took me to write this post my buddy with Telus Optik downloaded the entire game.

Anyhow – very much looking forward to this game.  Here is a couple screen captures I took from the beta a month ago.  I know you wanted to see them ;)

yea i got me a freakin lightsaberdualLS

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