January 25, 2012

Like father like daughter–AKA Alienware is purrty

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My six month old daughter LOVES my notebook…


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January 15, 2012

SWTOR Hack–Re-install without the 20GB+ Download

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I’ve been having  a lot problem with my notebook since a bit before Christmas.  I’ve had to re-install Windows like 3 times now (and yes I was using RAID and had backups…long store).  Anyhow, the first couple of times I went through the 20GB+ download for Star Wars The Old Republic and my internet out here is not great.  The entire download process takes 12+ hours.  Tonight I was determined to find a better way…

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January 13, 2012

Using Log4Net with Visual Lisp

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If you’ve worked with me or talked technical with me in the past there is a good chance you area already very aware that I love .  There is also a really good chance that you know I still have a special place in my heart for .  Not only did I spend what may have been the “best years of my life” buried in VLIDE (or hey, maybe all those 30+ hour days and passing out under my desk were the best years of my life? =)) , I still firmly believe that Lisp is one of the most effective way to bang out even a relatively complex operation in AutoCAD when it comes to data manipulation.  ObjectARX (both original and .NET) is great – but the time and effort overhead is pretty high when you just need to bang out a quick routine.

<3 Visual Lisp

Even the quick routines need a little error handling and logging can make a huge difference in documenting the results or diagnosing problems.  Keep Reading

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