Boo to you MadisonSeating

I would like to send a big thumbs down and a boo to madison seating for misleading advertising.  They sent me an e-mail yesterday advertising their big sale on Aeron chairs.  My current Aeron is almost a decade old and squeaks / creaks / groans when I sit down -  so I figured this would be a great time to get a new one!  I jump on their site configure the chair and place my order for a couple chairs.

Look – free shipping, ships to Canada and a great price!


This morning I awoke to find my order cancelled with no explanation.   When I called to enquire I was informed that their system did not understand that I was from Canada (funny how that little dropdown box in which I chose “Canada” – twice was not a dead give away) and that they would not honor my order for free shipping.

So sadly,  my chair will continue to complain for now whenever I sit down…

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  1. Tim:

    Wow thanks for the tip! Was just about to order a chair from Madison seating as was ‘free shipping’ to Canada!

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