August 6, 2012

Crane on a mountain top

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My wife and I recently took a mini vacation and spent a few nights in Banff, Alberta.  Man I’ve missed that town…  We took the gondola up to the top of Suplhur mountain and there amongst the clouds at the end of the top of the mountain hike I found this large hunk of rock near the edge of a cliff.  Being a P90X/2 junky I felt compelled to on top of this rock, 7350 feet above sea level, near the edge of the cliff and share it with the world. 


Please note – though I’m SURE I did a perfect Crane my camera person (who is also my lovely wife) was screaming at me something about falling off the side mountain while she took this picture under duress.   =)  I could not convince her to take another shot displaying my perfect Crane form.  Clearly the edge was nowhere near the rock and if I fell I would have not been at any risk of falling off the mountain – though I might have been a little bit bruised…


I would NOT recommend doing this if you don’t have a lot of crane experience – a forward fall would have hurt.  A lot.  Please practice Crane at home whilst doing your P90X workouts with a cushy mat and pillow before trying it on a boulder surrounded by limestone on top of a mountain!

P.S. Is “Crane” a verb?  Oh well it is now =)

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