It’s a boy!

Hey everyone!

Another day another baby!   On November 2nd at 1am exactly our son, Ozzy Ash Pawliuk-Maidlow was born.  Yup, Ozzy as in =]  Weighing in Ozzy Ash Pawliu-Maidlowat a hefty 6 lbs 5 oz (as opposed to our who was 4 lbs 7 oz).  Mom and baby are doing great.  As I hoped this time around was a LOT easier.  Much better when you have some idea what you’re getting into.  The only thing I wasn’t prepared for was the lack of sleep.  Staring blankly at a screaming baby on maybe 2 hours of sleep trying to remember how to change the diaper on a newborn.  The last time I did an all nighter was when our daughter was born.  Before that it had been many years =)

Fortunately the little guy looks great in pink : )

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  1. Arne:

    Congratulations Darrin!
    As much as you enjoyed coffee before, now is when you really get to appreciate its power to revive you after nights with less than 5 hours of sleep :-)

  2. Darrin Maidlow:

    Thanks Arne! It’s been pretty great until last night. Last night he woke up a bunch and woke up our daughter too for double trouble :)

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