October 29, 2010

Elite Autodesk Certifications!

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Did you know, one of my very first jobs at back the late 90s was doing phone support and training on the Autodesk products that Kanotech sold?  I was digging around under orders from my wife to clean out my office and I came across a box of stuff from my desk back at Kanotech (circa 2003!).  Check out a couple of the awesome certifications I had back in the day!  Signed by Carol Bartz too!!  Too bad these seem to be the only two that survived…

Architectural Desktop R2 Certification AutoCAD Map 2000 Certification

I worked on QA projects for Autodesk on AutoCAD Map 2, 2000 and 2000i yet they still made me take the silly tests to get  “certified” =).  Do you have some old tyme Autodesk certs?  Feel free to share a link in the comments.  Were you in one of the AutoCAD Map or Mapguide courses I taught way back in the day?  If so leave a comment to say hi =)

July 9, 2010

A breakthrough in the war on phone spam

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One of the things that absolutely drives me insane is phone spam.  Nothing like being deep in concentration inside some algorithm and have the damn phone ring with a phone spammer on the line.  A lot of days, I’ll just turn off all the phones in an effort to get shit done… I’m on both the US and Canadian “Do Not Call” lists.  I report every single unsolicited call, yet they keep on coming…

Came across this blog post today detailing an .  They’re turning the tides on phone spammers.   There are some hilarious mp3’s on the site where you can hear the “conversation” between the honey pot and one of the “moron” phone spammers.  They’re keeping some of these calls on the line for 4+ minutes.  Totally awesome.

I hope someone can take initiative and setup something similar in North America.  If I had the resources I would take this on in a heartbeat…

Hats off to you guys.. =)

April 28, 2010

Please be specific when talking to your developers

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In the tabular reports we have the ability to format the output of a column using a standard String.Format syntax.   This is used often in the reports to convert string data containing URLs to clickable links when the page is rendered:

   1: "<a href=”{0}” target=”_blank”>{0}</a>"

This format string of course when applied to the source data would result in a hyperlink being created with the URL in both the href property of the link as well as the  visible link text.  called and asked if it would be possible to change the report so that it showed simply the word “View” instead of the url.  We already had a remote control session running so I opened up his RADE and changed the format string to:

   1: "<a href=”{0}” target=”_blank”>View</a>"

He saw this small change and I heard him slap his forehead, and he asked “Why didn’t you tell me this sooner, I’ve wanted to do this forever!”.  To this I responded “You never asked…”

So the moral of this story is directed to managers, sales types, or any other person who works with software developers.   We’re incredibly smart, and there is far too much good stuff inside our heads for us to just “tell you everything”.  If we were to try, you would either fall asleep or your head would pop.   So please, rather than expect us to tell you what you want to know – just ask. =)

April 26, 2010

No catapults allowed in carry-on or checked luggage

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In preparation for our vacation to Costa Rica I was reviewing the Canadian government’s list of  items that in your carry-on or checked luggage.  I was shocked to find out that catapults are not allowed in either your carry on or checked luggage!  Catapults are so bad, they’ve made the list twice!

catapults need not apply

slingshots and catapults forbidden!

Other honorable mentions include:

  • Hand Grenades
  • Molotov Cocktails
  • Nitroglycerin (this is OK when in medication format)

If you’re planning some air travel in the near future – leave your catapult at home!  Maple Syrup and spread is completely OK though!

maple products

April 23, 2010

Who owns the most servers

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Did you think you’d see Google on this?  Scroll down…


April 22, 2010

Visual Studio 2010 keyboard shortcut posters

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Using keyboard shortcuts will speed up your development big time once you get used to them.  Microsoft released charts for VB, C#,  F# and C++ 2010.   They print OK on 8.5×11 (not great).  Sucks that Microsoft put scary stock imagery on the sheets though.  These shortcuts are only partially accurate if you’re using ReSharper, here is a – and look, no scary stock imagery in this one.

April 16, 2010

Windows Vista won’t let me browse my iPhone when I plug it in

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I was trying to get some images off my iPhone this morning, but the thing wouldn’t show up in Windows explorer.   ITunes was doing the backup and sync no problem – but the phone would not mount as a usb device.  Usually the phone shows up in explorer under the Computer section as “Apple iPhone”.  Unplugging and reconnecting the thing would just cause a re-sync.

After much mucking around the best solution I could find was to disconnect the iPhone from the usb cable, start the windows Device Manager and un-install the Apple iPhone driver from the Portable Devices section of the devices.  Make sure you check the delete driver checkbox.  Finally, re-connect your iPhone and the driver should re-install allowing you to see your device in Windows Explorer again.

No images on device

So now I can see my phone in Vista – but when I browse to the device the internal storage folders are empty.  There are tons of images in the “Camera Roll” when looking at the phone.  After much more muckery – I found one image that was saved from the interwebs rather than taken with the phones’ camera.  Once I deleted this image, and reconnected the phone all the images showed up no problem.

April 9, 2010

A concerned resident called police…

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Stating there was a man walking around in a .

April 6, 2010

Blending the iPad!

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I love .  From the makers of , here is blending the iPad!

February 27, 2010

Google Mail Prevents Embarrassing “Oops here is the file i meant to send”

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We’ve ALL done it.  Having to send out that follow up “Oh yah, here is the file I meant to attach.  I’m dumb” e-mails.  I just about sent one today – but Google mail saved the day with a new feature!


Thank you Google…

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