September 25, 2008

Mapguide 6.5 Server – Missing the Autodesk Spatial Data Provider for Oracle Spatial

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Over the years, this problem has sporadically appeared (probably once or twice a year).  In the Mapguide 6.5 server admin when creating a new data source the Autodesk Spatial Data Provider for Oracle Spatial doesn’t appear as an option.  Every time this comes up I end up wracking my brain to remember what the solution is.  I know I’ve dealt with this many times – but I cannot remember the details.  Usually it’s occurring on a customer’s production server which is not a place I like to mess around.  This time, it was my development server – let the messing around begin!

In a nutshell this is a result of installing Mapguide server before the Oracle client is installed on the server.  The solution is to do a repair install of Mapguide Server (or a re-install if you prefer) once the Oracle client is installed.  Hopefully next year when this comes up again – writing this down will help me remember.  Worst case Google might pick this up and I’ll find my own post when I search for it…

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June 24, 2008

Convert Mapguide 6.5 colors to Mapguide Enterprise/Open Source/AutoCAD RGB equivalents

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I’ve been authoring some test data for my ongoing Mapguide Enterprise \ MGOS work.  For consistency with my existing tabular test data, I need to migrate some Mapguide 6.5 maps over to Enterprise.  This is quite the chore.  I really wish Autodesk would have kept updating the Mapguide 6.5 and bring that up to support a current release of Mapguide.  Even with the tools flaws, it was still a good start on migration – but oh well, that’s another rant completely..and maybe another side project that I just don’t have time for =)

Anyhow, I wanted to share the .  I can’t believe I hadn’t found this page sooner.  A fantastic, and crucial reference.   Tons of useful settings for the chart generator.  Show the hex codes for using the colors in HTML, Decimal RGB values for Mapguide Enterprise \ Autocad.  The colors under the Decimal heading are the RGB values – ordered in Red, Green, Blue.  I’ve been using the chart in .

Thanks Pima County.  Hopefully, you guys were able to come up with a programmatic method of creating this chart.  I’d hate to be the guy tasked with ‘eyedropping’ all these colors using Photoshop or something.

The decimal values by the way should work with AutoCAD too.


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