February 21, 2011

Usage based billing vs. Text Messaging

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Text messaging pricing has always annoyed me.  Given the recent craziness around the I wondered how the proposed rates of UBB stacked up against what we’re charged for text messages.  Here is some figuring based on some maths I pilfered and simplified from on .

1 text message is capped at 140 characters (140 Byte) – Cost per text ~0.25$

Cost per byte (in dollars) of text message: (0.25/140) == 0.0017857142857142857142857142857143

Now some math around internet usage and UBB -assuming one of the proposed usage based billing rates of 1$/GB

1GB = 1,073,741,824bytes

Cost per byte (in dollars) at 1$/GB  = 0.000000000931322574615478515625

UBB cost for the equivalent of one text message= 140 x (1/1,073,741,824) = 0.0000001303851604461669921875

So I guess we should be thankful that the proposed UBB rates were lower than text message rates, 13695 times lower – (thanks for the maths there ])

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February 3, 2011

Hey Canada – Speak up against usage based billing (UBB)

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I’ve been following this decision for quite some time.  Recently the petition against hit – and turned the head of even the Canadian ruler.   Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not against companies making a profit -  but come on.  Lowering bandwidth caps and charging between 1 and 15 dollars per gigabyte is gouging.

Keep pushing the CRTC to stop the meter on Internet use. If 400,000 could turn their heads, then 1,000,000 ought to bowl them over.

So please spread the word and sign

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